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“Bullrun Rufus”
84 lbs.

Sire: Hagen
Dam Karma.

“Bullrun Sir Kipling”
85 lbs.

Sire: Hagen
Dam Karma

"Rufus" and "Kipling" were both bred here, and we have thier X-rays on hand.
They were so close to identical that we only sent in one, which was certified very good.

“Bullrun Buckaroo”
A big boy with excellent movement and very good x-rays.

“Bullrun Adam Junior of L.G.K”
84 lbs.

Sire: Greenlys Adam Odo
Dam Birchwood’s Isabel

Junior is ¾ Leavitt & ¼ Hermes bloodline and bears a striking resemblance to the Leavitt Foundation stud I used 22 years ago. Junior is the type of natural guardian that William Koehler talks about in his book The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training. His brother LGK’s Mustang was awarded Best of Breed at the Olde Bulldogge Club Europe e.V. Although above the breed average, I doubt his hip x-rays would pass an O.F.A. evaluation.

Sullivan’s Hagen at Bullrun O.F.A. Good”

Willingham's Block
Sire: Judge of Block
Lil-Millie of Willingham
Bullspride Fat Boy
Dam: Sullivan's Holly
Deziner's Holly

Hagen is our Modern Foundation sire. He has been a very good producer
and is a combination of Sullivan/Bullspride and Willingham genetics.

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