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Welcome! We are the original Bull Run Bulldogge Kennel started by Dale Hillegas in 1987. Our Bulldogges were first registered with the Animal Research Foundation (ARF) in Quinlan, Texas as the Mountain Bulldog. We are now the number one Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (O.F.A.) certified Bulldogge kennel in the world and claim copyrights to our name.

Breeding for extreme traits created an indisputably cute “show variety” English Bulldog. Unfortunately, a lack of screening resulted in a multitude of health issues and the breed is rated #1 for incidence of hip dysplasia by the O.F.A. (see “Can the Bulldog Be SavedTHE NEW YORK TIMES Sept-22, 2011). This same English Bulldog has been used extensively in the re-creation of a highly variable Olde English Bulldogge breed. Since history repeats itself, we have been very selective in the English and other bulldog influence behind our dogs. We are not into fads but we are into facts. Dysplasia is far from the only problem that plagues the gene pool, it’s just that it may be the hardest to detect and purge. Over half of the dogs suffering from hip dysplasia do not even show impaired function, at least until late in life, but when bred they certainly pass on defective genes. This is why it has been so prevalent for so many years.

We learned long ago that skeletal defects are the most difficult to change. Through years of patience and persistence where no dogs have been bred prior to x-raying, we have built a very hardy and dysplasia-free gene pool that meets the breed standard. We are proud not only to be the first to produce multiple O.F.A. certified bulldogges, but also the first to receive an excellent rating. We are consistently producing Bulldogges that are being certified dysplasia-free by the highly reputable O.F.A. and thanks to their database are able to document this. We have been very selective but our unique breeding program is getting thick bulldog looks from the atavistic “throw back” inheritance we have carefully implemented. We have not done this to raise the bar or threaten other breeders’ programs. We sell few puppies. Our goal has been a sustainable Bulldogge keeping in mind that “Form follows function”. Because it severely impairs breathing we have also resisted getting carried away with extremely short, “English Bull” muzzles. The O.E.B. breed standard limits the minimum muzzle length to 1 ½ inches. We attain a very “bully” look with a moderately short, broad, well fleshed and wrinkled muzzle allowing better function in the summer time. The original OEB breed standard strongly preferred a tail. Tail docking masks malformed and screw tails; if desired we can dock tails, but request and deposit must be received, within 5 days of a puppies birth.

Along with the classic bulldog look, truly sound structure and natural heat tolerance, we have selected for health, heart and temperament by actually using many of our dogges as working guardians on our farm to protect sheep and goats. These dogs are very friendly with family and friends, but protective and fearless to anyone who threatens their master and property.

Our dogges are registered with the original “ARF”, and at least one of the other registries, IOEBA, NBA or the WBA. In order to guarantee our Mountain Line of Bulldogges remain dysplasia-free and functional we have self imposed a strict screening process on our breeding stock. Puppies can be provided with ARF pet registration. If you desire at the age of two years, a hip x-ray with the O.F.A. fee can be submitted to us or directly to the O.F.A. Dogs which pass our screening process will then be eligible for permanent registration as breeding stock with the ARF as “Mountain Bulldogges”

For a truly unique Olde English Bulldogge, Bull Run is second to none!


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